Health and Emergency Medical Management for Complex Environments

We live in a complex and changing world. As the population grows we are seeking to live and work in more challenging environments; be that living and working in remote, rural, regional Australia with geographically challenged spaces; to high density compact spaces in our inner cities and urban industrial areas. We are creating new industries and jobs, new lifestyles, and new ways of traveling and communicating. We are developing new fuels and exploring new resources, innovating existing products and services as well as creating new ones. And amongst all this excitement we are trying to learn how to stay healthy.

With these social changes come changes to the application of health services. The model of health care in Australia today is changing at rapid rate. There is a huge paradigm shift away from traditional, centralised health care to decentralised health care. Along with these changes come increasing community expectation of both government and private enterprise.

At Patrick Rose we have one fundamental purpose and that is to help you address the issue of complex health care environments in your communities and your workplace. We do this in partnership with our clients, to help you better understand and plan for the diverse and complex health care environments Australia presents.